Academic Journal of Business, Economics and Management (AJBEM)

Academic Journal of Business, Economics and Management (AJBEM), an international research network connecting scientists, engineers and policymakers working towards sustainable bioenergy developments worldwide. The network fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing among its members, offering access to resources and assistance for research. Through AJBEM, members have access to an impressive array of expertise and resources – research funding opportunities, networking events and guidance on policy implementation are just a few. Furthermore, members have an open platform in AJBEM for sharing best practices, discussing challenges and creating innovative technologies and policies to promote sustainable bioenergy use.

Research articles, book reviews and special issues cover an extensive array of fields including business strategy, finance, accounting, economics, marketing entrepreneurship business law operations management organizational behavior human resource management public policy etc. The Journal of Black Environmental Markets has been accepted into the Global Research Network (GRN), a platform created by the World Bank that facilitates sharing research among academics, practitioners and policymakers. GRN now recommends this journal as one of their recommended journals in business, economics and management research. Furthermore, its contents can be found on several leading scholarly databases including Scopus, Web of Science, EconLit and Cabell’s Directory.

Journal has also been recognized by the Association of Business Schools’ Academic Journal Quality Guide and listed in its Directory of Open Access Journals. Academic Journal of Business, Economics and Management (AJBEM) strives to become a global research network dedicated to producing high-quality business, economics and management research. Furthermore, its mission includes encouraging the exchange of research findings between academia, practitioners and policy makers alike. Encourages publication of novel, multidisciplinary and innovative research papers which make an important contribution to academic literature. Through its international reach, AJBEM strives to bridge the gap between research and practice by engaging both researchers and practitioners in meaningful dialogues about improving research quality while disseminating its findings to a broader audience.

This journal serves as an international platform for scholars to build networks of collaborators, showcase their research findings with peers in academic circles worldwide, collaborate, discuss and disseminate findings thus furthering knowledge in business economics and management research fields.

Features of This System:

1. It serves as a forum for academics, scholars, practitioners and other professionals in these areas to exchange research and knowledge among themselves and each other.

2. Additionally it gives access to an abundance of academic resources like articles, reviews, book chapters, conference proceedings and case studies for professional use.

3. It provides academics a forum to exchange research trends and showcase innovative ideas.

4. Additionally, BEM publishes original research articles, reviews and commentary in all fields related to business economics and management.

5. AJBEM is included in major databases including SCOPUS, EBSCO, ProQuest and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), providing fast review processes and turnaround timeframes.

6. This journal boasts fast review processes with rapid publication turnaround.