American Journal of Social and Humanitarian Research (AJSHR)

AJSHR is an open access journal publishing original research in all areas related to social and humanitarian concerns. This journal seeks to foster interprofessional dialogues among academics and practitioners from diverse fields to address contemporary global challenges. AJSHR provides an open platform for academic and practical research from all areas around the globe, while welcoming submissions from academicians as well as practitioners from any level. As part of Global Research Network – an international collaboration designed to advance social, political, and economic research – AJSHR promotes cross-disciplinary studies by offering open access research worldwide.

There was nothing you could have done differently to achieve success here!!… unless, of course, they wanted more. Purpose: Through its research articles and reviews, AJSHR promotes awareness and understanding of global social, economic, and cultural issues that confront humanity today. By providing researchers a platform to share their discoveries, AJSHR serves as both an invaluable source of information for its readers and an integral component in global research networks. Academics, researchers, students and professionals from around the globe can come together on this platform to exchange opinions about and debate various social sciences, humanities and related fields topics.

By connecting researchers from around the world, AJSHR fosters exchange of ideas and improved comprehension of issues facing society today. By drawing researchers together into one comprehensive network for research purposes. This global network allows for increased collaboration and knowledge exchange, speeding the creation of innovative ideas and research initiatives.

AJSHR plays an essential role in connecting academics and policy-makers by offering researchers an open access platform where they can share findings and collaborate on projects together. Such collaboration fosters new ideas and research initiatives while serving as an intermediary between academia and policy worlds.


1. Access to High Quality Research: The AJSHR offers access to world-renowned studies through this international journal.

2. Open Access to Research: AJSHR publishes open access articles which allow anyone, without restrictions or fees, to read and access research projects freely and discover new insights within them. This helps spread research findings more widely while stimulating innovation from data.

3. Interdisciplinary Network: AJSHR provides an interdisciplinary platform that connects different fields such as sociology, psychology and economics for collaborative research projects that could yield great insight and valuable findings.

4. Online Submission: AJSHR provides researchers the option of online submitting research.

5. Global Reach: AJSHR boasts a worldwide readership that makes research published within its pages accessible from any location on Earth, increasing impact and leading to groundbreaking discoveries.

6. Peer Review: Every research article published in AJSHR must undergo an intensive peer review process prior to publication.

7. Multilingual Support: With AJSHR available in multiple languages, researchers from different nations can easily access it – increasing global reach and impact of its publication.